Each Day is its Own Day, written by Masoud Mahdavipour, was published in the summer of 2013. It is currently in its 9th print and has sold over 40 thousand copies.

The book comes in 365 pages for the number of days in a year, and 12 chapters for the number of months in a year. Each text comes with its own special identity.

Each Day is its Own Day is the culmination of the author’s personal experiences throughout his life and each text comes with its own special identity. Reading the introduction and foreword is a good start

Each Day is its Own Day

to establish a connection with the book and it is recommended that the entry for each day be read on that same day. If this patience is shown in reading the book, you will see that after one year of reading, a healthy trend will replace unwanted habits in your life. Those of you interested in meditation can select your personal exercise from among 12 texts and develop a well-balanced, comprehensive routine by doing them on a regular basis.

All the topics in the book guide the individual towards a healthy body and mind and connecting with nature. These include subjects such as simple healthy nutrition, habits, sleep, exercise and movement, speech and behavior, healthy mind, acceptance of and adaptation to unforeseen circumstances in life, focus, attention, the present, the power of the moment, connecting with the pristine elements of nature such as water, sun, and clean air, inner and outer connection, and an overall simple and healthy lifestyle and moderation in all matters.

One of the prominent features of the book is the simplicity with which it is written, helping everyone to understand and be able to experience some of the most complex issues. It is in line with the busy lives of those who live in the city surrounded by a world of communications technology. It opens a path for those who seek a healthy life in the midst of a forest called civilization and speed which is the reality of the world today.

This book has been translated into English and is under print.

Changes made to the book after the 1st print:


  • New edition
  • Gregorian dates have been added to solar dates.
  • “Attention” techniques have been marked with one star (*).

The entries with one star (*) are “attention” exercises which can be done at the heart of everyday life without requiring a special time allocation. Practicing them will increase the level of focus and attention. Exercises marked with two stars (**) are of particular importance and their practice needs more time. Twelve entries in the book have been marked with three stars (***). These are the 12 meditation techniques. Only one of these is included in every month and their distinguishing mark is the picture of a stone at the bottom of each page.

  • A text on the winter solstice (Yalda) and a number of pictures have been added.
  • Some of the entries and pictures have been moved.
  • The author has reviewed the sentences in bold throughout the book; these mark the essence of each entry.


496 Pages

White paper

1st Edition: 2014

9th Edition: 2019

Over 40 thousand copies sold to date

ISBN 978-600-338-005-9

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