Void was first published in November 2017 and is currently in its 2nd print. There are five chapters in the book. Each one begins with a short note and ends with dozens of short sentences.


The book deals with the dimensions, perspectives, and possibilities of “life” and the “mind”, ways to connect with them, and the invisible aspects of “time”. The essence of the sentences points to the knowledge an

d methods which can be helpful during the real, sensitive crises in life.

In the five notes, the reader will easily understand that in life, or the outer world, there are never any assurances or guarantees that our inner state will be preserved according to our wishes, but it is we who transform the circumstances into a constructive or destructive space and define it as good and pleasant, or bad and stressful.


Void is a state of mind in which inner thoughts and dialogues have given way to silence and peace. The empty mind is a place where what is sewn yields a powerful crop.